Virginians Celebrates World Pride and Fiftieth Anniversary of Stonewall


A large contingent of Virginians attended and marched in the World Pride and NYC Pride march that commemorated the fiftieth anniversary of the Stonewall Inn uprising that served as a catalyst for the modern Pride movement.

An estimated five million persons from around the world converged on New York City the weekend of June 28-30 to celebrate diversity and to remember the brave pioneers who paved the way for the rights we currently enjoy.

OutWire757 and many others in Hampton Roads were able to participate in the parade where we were greeted by many familiar faces and made new friends from around the world. Check out the video we created and slideshow below.

Special thanks to Nancy Lenthall, Allyson Graul, Christopher Bush, Johnny Benjamin, Sunny Haynes and Michael Haynes for sharing their photos and videos from the march.